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We are creative designers with a large range of skills and experience under our belts. We're working 'inside the box' not outside! Dreaming up ideas that push hard against the walls of the brief and offer solutions that are surprising and different.

We love working on a wide variety projects using our training in fine arts and design to explore new directions,  followed through with years of experience and making.

As you can see from our portfolio we tackle all sorts of creative problems. Whether it is consultancy, design, or design and build, we love a good challenge.


Combines a Degree in Design with a Registered Building Certificate, signwriting qualifications, and other skills such as stone masonry, cabinet making, and landscaping.

He is also an exhibiting artist, showing mainly through Wellington's Bowen Gallery.

Bringing his unique creative and skill based package together, Paulus delivers well built results with a design difference.


Holds a Masters Degree in Art and Design with a focus on furniture design throughout her qualifications.

With interior, furniture, exhibition, product, sculpture, landscape design and more under her belt Katy also brings with her years of material and making experience. 

"I love projects that push the designer to use space and materials cleverly. I'm interested in jobs which have identity and personality."

Check out more of Katy's work:

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